Our reporting capabilities and offering is not limited to Local, Regional and Global but client specific, meaningful and useful analysis related to all pre- and post-trip reports that help supports your programme objectives. Our standard report suite includes the following:

Class reporting – checks ticketing / grade-related restrictions

Supplier report – checks adoption of preferred suppliers

Route report – checks route restrictions by supplier

Top airline report – lists in descending order by airline in revenue terms

Destination and carrier report by sector – sector report by carrier and routing split by class

Analysis by flight class – lists breakdown of flights by class travelled

Top ten destinations report – by destination, percentage value, percentage volume and journey

Business summary – air, hotel and car transactions for month and year to date

Our extensive suite of standard reports meets the requirements of the majority of our clients. However, we can also develop customised or ad hoc reports to include in your regular MIS reporting package, or to be delivered as a one-off project. Design and production timelines plus associated fees are dependent upon the specification and complexity of the report.

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